MSgt Mark Evans, a 3-time national drug-free weight lifting champion, announced today that his friends, America's Dairy Farmers, and Dairy Management, Inc (DMI) will join the      Pizzas 4 Patriots family, helping us deliver great milk products to our troops, and our Veterans. 


Following our world record pizza delivery on July 4, 2009, Tom Gallagher with DMI contacted Mark to find out how they can help support our troops, and all of Pizzas 4 Patriots' efforts, including Veterans Day events around the country.


"Milk and all dairy products were important parts of my daily program, and helped me become a natural, drug-free weight lifter, and are still very important to me and my family."


We are proud to have them join us in our current activities, and in the future, at bases and military facilities around the country, and all over the world.